About us

Foto: Barbara Warner
Foto: Barbara Warner

Who we are?

We are a group of people, who likes novuss game & sport. We all have things that we want to achive. Our goal is to inspire the peaople with this horny Baltic game.

We do waht we like and

we like what we do!

Goals & activities

These are the reasons, why our organisation has the name

"Novuss Sport without barrieres"

  • Regular trainings: "Novuss Playgroup Erlangen"
    Also you can learn Novuss with us!
    When: Sundays, from 18:00 till 21:00
    Where: Bürgertreff Röthelheim e.V., Berliner Platz 1, Erlangen
    Participation: for free

  • Presentations & Workshops
    We organize presentations and Workshops for interested organizations,

  • Novuss for people with handicap
    Novuss is suitable for people who are wheelchair-bound and those who are able to stand.

  • International contacts
    Novuss could be excellent extension for international cooperation, new partnership and friendships.

  • Novuss and schools
    Novuss could be wonderful option for social and sport activities in the schools.