NOVUSS - What is it?

Novuss, also known as “Puck-Billiard” or "Seamen-Billard", is a game and a sport in which even European and world tournaments are held. Novuss is closely related to carrom and billard. It is known that the game was first played in Latvia and Estonia. The game is recognized and declared to be the national sport of Latvia.

Novuss Turnier in Erlangen
Novuss Turnier in Erlangen

Novuss history

Exact information about the game's history is missing. It is known that novuss was played in Latvia since 1927. Seamen, while visiting ports of England, played a similar game (probably Carrom) in the local pubs. The first tables and rules were made based on drawings brought from England.


Many people in Germany know novuss from the TV-program  "Schlag den Raab"

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